Be Free from Cigarettes Forever

to be free stop smoking
Stop smoking TODAY and be free FOREVER!

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

You will look better!
You will feel better!
You will be free!
You will be yourself again!

Smokenders knows smoking has very little to do with cigarettes. Smoking is not just a bad habit, but also a highly complex behaviour pattern. Removing the cigarette leaves you with 80% of the problem unsolved. That’s why stopping and staying stopped is so difficult. It’s also why people going ‘cold turkeys’ take up eating or other substitutes.

At Smokenders we are all smokers who battled to stop smoking and finally quit with Smokenders. Our years of experience as smokers, and the subsequent training based on research and education means a lot of empathy and understanding to help our smokers attain and maintain a new healthy life.

The Smokenders smoking cessation programme originated in 1969 and has successfully been operating in South Africa since 1980. This programme is based on many years’ research in the fields of physiology, behaviour modification and psychology and has become one of the most successful smoking cessation programmes offered in the world today.

Our programme consists of:

  • 7 weekly meetings, running for approximately 2 hours each week
  • Smoke as much as you want for the first 4 weeks
  • Stop smoking after learning how to stop smoking
  • Painless & easy!