Who we are


Smokenders operates in the Gauteng and Cape Town. We have two active facilitators Mercia (the owner, CEO, and lead facilitator) and Jaco (facilitator). Mercia operates in Johannesburg while Jaco looks after the Cape Town interest.

Mercia – Johannesburg and Pretoria

Stop smoking with Mercia Axon
Mercia is the owner and CEO of Smokenders South Africa. She also facilitates the Johannesburg and Pretoria stop smoking programmes.

Mercia grew up on a tobacco farm in Northern Rhodesia, as Zambia was called then. With tobacco readily available, everyone smoked, and so she smoked from the age of 5 years. She smoked happily until 1988 when she was warned of dire consequences by her doctor. After much pain, sweat and tears and trying many different remedies, she finally stopped smoking – through Smokenders of course!

Mercia holds a B.A. degree in psychology and languages from the University of Cape Town and was certified as a Consultant and Trainer in the USA by Anthony Robbins, with whom she studied. She bought Smokenders® SA in 1990, adapting and updating the stop smoking programme with the latest processes and techniques.

She has been teaching the stop smoking programme ever since in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Jaco – Cape Town

Stop smoking with Jaco Greeff
Jaco is responsible for facilitating the stop smoking programme in Cape Town.

Jaco was born and bred in Pretoria. He started smoking at the age of 16 because that’s what everybody did.

After 17 years of smoking he realised that he has been a smoker for more than half his life and enough is enough; he joined Smokenders and stopped smoking in 1999.

In 2010 he joined Smokenders again, this time as a facilitator. He completed his training under Mercia and has been teaching smokers how to stop smoking ever since in the Cape Town area.