I’m not ready to stop or don’t want to stop

No Smokenders Facilitator has ever told a smoker to stop! We never will either. It’s your choice and we respect it. Having said that, thousands of smokers have told us they are not ready. Yet they came. And they stopped, and they are happy about it.

Most smokers will never be ready to stop! Cigarettes are their friends, support systems, means of coping with life, enjoyment, relief, relaxation. Smoking is a strategy and a useful one too. It’s an instant, effective, handy medication for many problems (however it has a few nasty side effects).

All actions have consequences, however, and at a certain stage all of us chose to find another coping strategy. We chose a friend that isn’t going to kill us, a means of coping that didn’t enslave us, we found more truly rewarding, enjoyable ways to be relaxed and happy. The realisation finally hit us that smoking had never solved one of our problems – not one, ever. Because all the problems come back right after every cigarette, this time with more problems attached.

Yes it’s hard to think of giving up something we “enjoy” until the price of that enjoyment becomes more than we are prepared to pay.