I’ve done the program before

For some of us smoking is so deeply ingrained that it can take longer to weed it out of their lives. Part of it is a lack of faith that the program can work, so they skimp on the tasks, decide to pick & choose, not do some. Each task is a vital piece of the puzzle, so the second time around they become deadly serious about it, still longing to be free.

Some of our graduates start smoking again and most of them tell us that they thought they had the monster conquered and could “just have one”. Almost as if they needed to prove that they could have a cigarette and still be a non-smoker.

So if you’ve started smoking again, you may repeat the program at half-price. Yes, you have the lessons, but it’s the interaction, the knowledge that your Personal Coach is with you, ready to talk to you, write to you, that makes all the difference.