Why is it so hard to stop smoking?

Smoking is a two-armed monster.

First there is the nicotine that causes addiction. With the first few cigarettes your brain learns to rely on the nicotine (carried to it by the bloodstream) to stimulate the “feel good” chemicals. If you don’t smoke the brain sends out signals, “Hey, we’re uncomfortable up here, have a smoke.” If you don’t listen, it sends more messages – you twitch, can’t concentrate, get jumpy, irritable. The messages get worse until you give in and have a smoke, then aaaaaah! The body is flooded with relief that we interpret as “pleasure”. Now there’s one arm around your neck.

Secondly your mind remembers “pleasure”. Next time you feel “bad” it will remind you how to “feel good” – have a smoke. Now the mind trans-contextualises – it adds all “bad” feelings to the list one by one, and pretty soon, all good feelings as well. Who would smoke after winning a jackpot? Or when you party? Have a look what situations and feelings “make” you smoke and you’ll see it’s many. The other Arm is now wrapped around your neck as well.

The Smokenders program will teach you how to peel off those arms, weed out the tentacles of this parasite, one by one, so that you are completely, finally free.