I am tired of the “scare stuff” and being told to stop smoking

Many smokers are rebels. They’ve been battered with the ugly facts so often that they don’t even SEE the warnings anymore. If scaring smokers was going to work, it would have worked already.

How do you feel when somebody tells you what to do? Irritated? Resentful? Non-smokers seem to think it’s open season on telling smokers to stop. We (at Smokenders) remember how annoying it was, so we won’t tell you to do anything! We don’t use scare tactics. The whole focus is on how to stop without craving; to learn the skills to never smoke again and start enjoying your life again.

Some parts of you really want to be free, if you’re like most smokers, you want to be free of the smell, the worry, the secret fears. More than that, you want quality of life, the clean, light energy of the youngster you once were. And can be again. It’s seldom a clear choice to stop smoking, but if you’ve got this far you’re probably 70% convinced – and that’s plenty!