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The Smokenders programme is taught in both Gauteng and Cape Town.

It is a 5 week course that assists members to stop smoking and stay stopped.

Members meet once a week for a 2 hour group session during which several topics related to stopping smoking are discussed. Members stop smoking after the 4th meeting; without withdrawal, without climbing the walls.

Member do weekly exercises to learn and develop “forgotten” skills that will assist them when they stop smoking.

The cost of the programme is R2 500 payable via EFT.

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STEP 1: Complete the form below and click Submit to register.

STEP 2: Once we receive your registration, we will send you a confirmation email and invoice for the programme. The payment details will be included in the email.

STEP 3: The full fee must be paid 1 week before the start of the programme in order to secure your seat.

STEP 4: Relax, you have taken the first step towards being a non-smoker.

Privacy Policy: We promise to keep your contact details private and protected.

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