The Smokenders Programme

Smokenders is a mature and well-paced programme that deals with your unique smoking habit over a period of six weeks. During this time participants attend six weekly group meetings lasting 2 hours each.

Stopping Smoking is a Process
– Not an Event

We can help you to reach your goal


Participants continue to smoke for the first 4 weeks (until meeting 5) after which they stop smoking. Painlessly.

Stop smoking and go hiking, stop smoking with our programme today
Our programme can help you reach your goal to stop smoking!

The programme is offered in both Cape Town, Pretoria, and Johannesburg.

Week What to expect
1 & 2 We help you to learn about your unique smoking habit, why do you smoke? You start to disrupt your smoking habit, and we prepare you to take control and stop smoking.
3 & 4 You are still smoking, but now you take control of your smoking.
You choose TO SMOKE before you finally stop smoking.
5 Final preparation and readiness to stop smoking. What to expect from friends and family when you stop smoking?
The Day After You stop smoking and your 1st day as a free person.
6 You have stopped smoking and have taken control of you smoking.
You choose NOT TO SMOKE.
Final meeting to prepare you for future obstacles and temptations.


An important aspect of the programme is group work. Having an opportunity to share experiences, problems, and successes with a group of people that are going through the same programme as yourself is immensely valuable.

At the same time your facilitator is available to assist should you require. Even if it’s just to listen or to explain an important concept from an earlier meeting.

During the programme, we help smokers to:

  • Close down the addiction, so that when you stop smoking they have absolutely no nicotine withdrawal.
  • Minimise any ill effects by showing them how to get rid of tobacco’s 4700 chemicals (600 toxic, 63 carcinogenic, and mutagens that cause permanent genetic changes) by detoxifying in different ways once you stop smoking.
  • Give smokers an understanding of the mechanisms of smoking and addiction so that they can deal with stress and emotional issues without a cigarette when they stop smoking but from a point of self-knowledge.
  • Explode the false beliefs that smokers have about smoking and stopping smoking that have been propagated by tobacco companies and passed on through generations.
  • Educate, motivate, support and encourage smokers through the process of reconstructing their lives to live as free non-smokers, not ex-smokers who spend years postponing and denying themselves the pleasure of a cigarette.

There is additional information in the FAQ section or you can contact us with any other queries.

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