Increase productivity at work

Smokenders Corporate programme focuses exclusively within the corporate and wellness environment, guiding small and large businesses to achieve a smoke-free staff by conducting its smoking cessation programme on the company’s premises.

With ever increasing pressure from government on eliminating smoking in public places, companies are faced with new challenges in terms of maintaining the balance between being legally compliant and accommodating smokers within their organization. Many smoking facilities are not in compliance with legal requirements and the cost of bringing them into compliance is too high. Smokenders presents a mature, well-paced alternative in the form of a programme that gives smokers all the tools and necessary experience to become non-smokers permanently.

This benefits BOTH the company and their staff.

According to our research, the average smoker smokes 5 cigarettes per day in companies with designated smoking areas. This person will leave their place of work for at least 20 minutes to make tea/coffee/purchase a cool drink, call a friend to join them, have their cigarette and return to their workstation. PER CIGARETTE!

Benefits to your company

  • Increased productivity – Staff staying at their work stations and taking their allocated work breaks.
  • Decreased Absenteeism – The average smoker has a 33,3% higher absenteeism rate than the non-smoker.
  • Decreased Employee Turnover – The smoker has a shortened career by an average of 9.1%.
  • Decreased Operating and Maintenance Costs – No additional expenses in facilitating compliant smoking rooms and the cleaning of smoking rooms for staff.

Benefits to your smoking staff

  • Increased energy – Stopping smoking results in an increase in energy levels
  • Enhanced concentration, alertness and mental clarity – Stopping smoking allows for oxygen and carbon monoxide levels to normalise
  • Greater self-esteem, self-respect and self-worth – Result of stopping smoking
  • Increased productivity – Less time away from workstation (no more smoke breaks)
  • New life skills and coping mechanisms – Knowledge, learning and tools given within the Smokenders programme

Benefits to your non-smoking staff

  • Less friction with smoking colleagues – No animosity with regards to smokers taking more breaks
  • Increased concentration – Focus on work and not other (smoking) colleagues.

Our Success

Smokenders consistently has an overall success rate of over 92%. Even after three years or more, an amazing 70% of our graduates still do not smoke and are totally indifferent to cigarettes and other smokers. A long term success rate well below the 20% mark is what can be expected when smokers try the ‘quick fixes’, including NRT’s (Nicotine Replacement Therapy), and other alternative smoking cessation measures.

At Smokenders we are all smokers who battled to stop smoking and finally quit with Smokenders. Our years of experience as smokers, and the subsequent training based on research and education, means a lot of empathy and understanding to help our smokers attain and maintain a new healthy life. Smokenders Corporate Trainers are qualified Life Coaches in order to maintain the standard of training and fully support the participants.

With Smokenders you too can stop and stay stopped.

The Smokenders Programme

What to expect from the corporate programme:

  • Introductory talk: Smokenders begin by offering a 45 minute, entertaining, informative, explanatory talk at your premises to all smokers and non-smokers.
  • Time frame: Attendance 90 munite seminar, once weekly, for seven weeks.
  • Minimum requirements: A minimum of 10 participants is required for a Smokenders programme to proceed.
  • Logistics: The company provides a training room, allocation of time during working hours for attendance, a flip chart/whiteboard, water jugs and glasses.

Smokenders provides each candidate with a full set of class materials and notes for seven meetings as well as ongoing support and counselling.

The Cost

Smokenders recommend that your company DOES NOT provide the programme free of charge to employees, as it is our experience that payment for the programme is part of the commitment by the smoker to stop smoking. Assistance for staff members in the form of paying a portion thereof of in the form of staff loans or incentives is helpful.

The cost of the corporate programme is R2 000 per attendee

Enrolment takes place at the end of the introductory talk and the full fee is payable at the start of the programme.

Getting Started

For more information please contact us.

Thank you for granting Smokenders the opportunity of showing you the way to create a healthy smoke-free environment for the benefit of both your company and staff.

The cost to your company in lost productivity per smoker can be calculated as follows:

Time spent smoking 3 cigarettes / day 5 cigarettes / day
Minutes / day 60 100
Minutes / month 1 300 2 167
Hours / month 21.67 36.12
Working days / month 2.7 4.5

Can you afford NOT do anything about this?