What we are …

The SMOKENDERS programme is a series of seminars, a learning experience. Participants develop knowledge and awareness of themselves as smokers through a systematic examination of their smoking behaviour from psychological, economic, physiological, social, cultural and behavioural viewpoints.

When attending a programme you are taught to develop the personal skills necessary for easy stopping. You are taught to perform activities that relate directly to your smoking patterns, eating habits, recreation, work and general lifestyle. You will be able to achieve detoxification gradually and painlessly, whilst acquiring a set of skills that will help you realise a life free of cigarettes. It’s not magic. It’s training and skill!

It is through the unique genius of the SMOKENDERS programme that your attitude to smoking and cigarettes changes, so that stopping is not viewed as a form of self denial or deprivation, but an attainment of freedom and an added dimension to your personality.

You will also change your view of yourself as well. Graduates often tell us that stopping smoking is almost an incidental by-product of the programme; the primary achievement is self-understanding and personal growth.Understanding, awareness, attitude change, personal skill: all accomplished in a manner that is pleasant, painless and relaxed.