What to expect at Smokenders

Freeing yourself from the enslavement of tobacco the SMOKENDERS way is much more than simply getting rid of the cigarettes. It is a journey into self knowledge, growth, strength and courage. It is a life lesson.

That seems very serious, doesn’t it? In a way it is serious, but also richly rewarding in so many ways. In fact, it is also very simple. The tasks required of you appear to be easy yet they are supremely effective in releasing you from each of the many aspects of a very complex behaviour, as they have been finely designed and refined over 46 years to do just that.

You also have a supporting staff behind you of people who smoked for many years and stopped with SMOKENDERS, so who better to guide you on your journey?

Every Smokenders meeting is broken up into 3 parts:

Welcome and feedback from the group

Members are given the opportunity to comment on their past week. What did they learn about their smoking habit? Where did they struggle? How did they overcome these difficulties?

Training and mentoring

New concepts are explained and discussed with the group. What is addiction? Why do we smoke, and continue to do so, even if we want to stop? How to deal with people who want to derail you?


At Smokenders we teach you how to stop smoking, but you need to practice during the week. Every week you are given a series of assignments and reading materials, these give you the opportunity to practice the concepts that were discussed in the meeting.