Women and Beauty

Beauty IS skin deep! Did you know that stopping smoking strips years of your appearance? More than what any expensive cream or facial can do.

This is what STOPPING SMOKING does to your skin:

  • Hydrates the skin – smoking dehydrates our bodies in two ways, firstly as smokers we tend to smoke when we’re thirsty rather than drink water and secondly, the only way that nicotine and it’s by-products can leave the body is in urine and sweat.
  • Increases the oxygen levels in our skin – giving you a rosy and healthier complexion. Not only your skin, but your whole body benefits from the additional oxygen supply.
  • Collagen & Elastin repaired – sagging wrinkled skin will puff up as the body repairs itself.
  • Liver removes bilirubin from blood – sallow skin and eyeballs clear up. No longer do you eyeballs appear yellow but will return to a clear white.

And to Your Crowning Glory, your hair:

  • Hormone DHT – causes hair loss
  • Arsenic – in hair and nails hard and brittle
  • Nails – discoloured and damaged
  • Teeth – stained yellow
  • Breath – to die from . . . literally!

Smoking Keeps Me Thin, but it comes at a price:

  • Smokers tend to weigh less
  • Metabolism – rate increased by hidden energy use by overworked organs
  • Asthma – exacerbated by smoking
  • Reduced rate of lung growth in teenage girls
  • Psoriasis – aggravated by smoking
  • Smoking suppresses hunger
  • Adrenaline – adds additional stress
  • Stress – shifts fat burden to waist
  • Breathlessness – harder to exercise to keep slim

Maintaining weight loss by smoking comes at a high price in terms of long term damage to your health, your looks, and inevitably, to your life.